Friday, July 14, 2017


I arrived late in Zadar and went for food at a local restaurant, turned out to be more massive portions, double pork chops! Next day I headed into the old town, a 30 minute walk along the coast and then down the pier where a boatman rows you across for 5 kuna. I had a browse around and headed into the archaeological museum, which is order chronological from the top floor. On the top floor is iron age/prehistory, not so much to look at. The floor below is Antiquity, the Roman era which has much more. It covers various aspects of life, e.g. economy.

Another place with lots of cafes, but like most central locations not the cheapest prices. I just grabbed a sandwich from a bakery, too much heavy food! At night in the old town there is the 'Sun Salutation' an odd installation which is powered by solar cells during the day to light up the led panels at dusk. Alongside the sea organ, a serious of wave powered pipes powered by the sea to make 'music' in the loosest sense of the word. I had dinner in the old town, but the local restaurant the night before was much better!

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