Friday, July 14, 2017

Island Hopping the Dalmation Coast.

So with a fistful of ferry tickets I headed out of Split to the island of Hvar. I arrived early in the morning, too early to check-in, but I dumped my bag and headed back to the harbour for a quick spot of breakfast. This was a bit busier than I expected. I headed up to the fortress on top of the hill, what was once defence is now busy with tourists.

I went up in the morning and got great views over the bay and a seat in the cafe for a cool drink. Looks like I beat the crowds as there were a lot more people coming up when I headed down.
Cruise ships stop nearby and shuttle people in. Hvar town turned out to be more stretched out than I first thought with restaurants continuing along the island. Later sunset walk along the coastal path turned out to be quite lively, plenty of people milling around, a few with cans in hand. As I was on the islands some some nice grilled whole fish was the order of the day for dinner, and hit the spot as a nice change.

Next stop Korchula.

The home of Marco Polo! I visited their museum which takes you on an audio journey with a biography of Marco Polo, quite interesting. But laid on thick, 'Marco dreamed of the crystaline seas of his home town, Korchula! This was quieter and smaller than Hvar with a main old town which you could walk from side to side in 5-10 minutes. However I'd booked somewhere that turned out to be further out of town than I expected, so a fair bit of walking in the baking sun there. The old town is situated on a hill and bounded by the sea or the city walls. While it has lots of tourists, it isn't yet fully developed into tourist tat town. A few unused crumbling buildings haven't yet been turned into refurbished apartments! Glancing in an estate agent window might have found the answer, anybody got a spare £500,000 for a beach-side villa?

Finally onto Mljet

Docking into the port I decided just to walk into town, didn't look to far. However not much shade!
Sobra a small village on Mljet, has a population of 131. Decided where to go for lunch was easy, there only is two restaurants. And one was shut.
Happy just to relax here, which is probably just as well as there isn't much else to do!
I guess you can arrange trips to elsewhere if you are in the mood, but I picked up a cough in the last few days so happy to take it easy. Another grilled fish dinner, finished off with a Grappa for medical purposes (tastes like medicine!)

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