Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kotor and cats

I had already planned a trip down to Kotor, as Dubrovnik is expensive to stay in! So I got the bus, spend a lot of time at the border, then I was out the EU into Montenegro! However, confusingly, they use the Euro as currency (before that they used the German Deutsch Mark). Still easier for me, than another currency. The bus continued, went on a short ferry across the bay and eventually arrived at the small bus station. From here I could walk to my accommodation. I just had to find it. After wandering back and forth looking at GPS, some guy took pity on me and led me to the room.
Heading out I found that there is another main gate to Kotor which opens out to more of a square, with cafes & restaurants. The bay itself is a spectacular setting with steep mountains enclosing around the water from all side. I ended up at the Cats of Kotor museum, it there is a picture of cat then it will be added to the museum. Not a patch on the cat museum in Kuching though. Plenty of cats hanging around town.

Around 17:30 I decided to head up to Kotor Fortress perched high upon the hill, it is a rather arduous 1300 odd steps up. Should have waited another hour as the sun was still blazing!
As you go up, vendors sell water bottles at ever increasing prices. Finally made it to the top, a ruined fortress. However today it had a crazy guy dancing around the fortress wall slagging off his mate below for taking so long to come up.

Back down at the bay, I had some dinner which was like 4 spicy barbecue burgers with salad, quite tasty but way too much! The next day it was back to Dubrovnik. A longer wait at the border as I re-entered the EU. About 3 o'clock I got back to Dubrovnik. Grabbed a quick bite, visited the Konzum (Croatian 7-11!), organised my airport shuttle, and a final look around the old town. All that was left was to have a Croatian Rib-Eye steak for dinner and early the next morning it was off to the airport.
The guy was scanning tickets. Bleep bleep as people went through, until me. BLEURP BLEURP BLEURP. Oh oh. But it turned out I was a few minutes too early to go to the gate (that's a first!)
Other than that a smooth trip back to Edinburgh where it is 12C and drizzling...

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