Saturday, July 15, 2017


After the ferry from Mljet, I arrived at Dubrovnik ferry port, a short bus ride to the old town.
Encased in city walls, the old town is well preserved despite various rulers over the years.
I had arrived shortly before the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the equivalent of the Edinburgh Festival. Wandering around town, I saw a sign for a Dali exhibition and went in their for a nosy. Not the biggest exhibition, but a few paintings of interests. I liked the painting of Sancho Panza, a whirling scribble of a man.

Walking along underneath some construction, it wasn't until I turned around that I realised that directly above was full of cats. Sitting, eating on the planks above the pavement, unknown to passerbys below. As the day drew on, I headed for the city walls. Great place to be near sunset, with the light bathing the red tiled rooftops of the old town. Towards the end of the walk, I stopped off at a cafe for a fresh orange/lemon drink and to watch the bay. A few speedboats zooming around, annoying the kayakers!

Walking around there are loads of restaurants for lunch and dinner, I stopped off for lunch. Decided on a chicken teryaki for a change of flavour and it was excellent. After lunch I popped into a couple of small museums. One was a Dominican Monastery, which housed some old reliquaries. A quiet spot away from the tourist crowds for a few moments. Another museum turned out to be another religious place, staffed by a nun. It did have a secret church at the top though!

 Strolling around the outside of town, there isn't too many roads to follow. I headed out East past Banje beach and popped into the swanky Excelsior for a drink. Back in town there was some sort of setup for music. I went to a nearby restaurant so I could listen to the music while I ate a rather bland tasting flattened out meat. Oh well, can win them all!

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