Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Breezing through Budapest

Following the main transport routes it was time to revisit Hungary.
Ahoy is actually Hungarian for hello.
Maybe I was in different areas, or Budapest has been revamped, but unlike Prague it brought back little memories. Had a look through of the shopping district, high-street like areas, don't remember it being like this all but perhaps it's been reinvigorated since my previous visit. But further out of the city centre there is more people on the streets than other cities I've been to.

I popped into a local eatery and strangely enough they had a menu for Thai food (with Thai writing which always makes it look legit!) So I had some Chicken Fried Rice, and it was pretty good, portion was about 3 times what you would get in Thailand!

Later I took a roadside seat for a beer in a Hungarian Karoke bar where somebody was cranking out some ridiculous 80s metal falsettos. On Sunday most things were closed and I was happy to have a relaxing day, next stop Zagreb.

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