Saturday, April 02, 2005


I got to Hampi and found a cheap room close to the Hampi Bizzare. Later I realised, I was next door to somebody who spent half the day praying/chanting.

I hired a bike to have a look around as Hampi is quite spread out. It is however not short of sights, a quick look at a map shows over 80 places of interest.

I stopped off at an old temple which was underground, but now excavated. Had a quick look around. It's nice and atmospheric when you are the only one there. Then I jumped back on the bike and cycled another five minutes coming to a mosque, I headed up the stairs and had a view where you can see more ruins and walls in the distance. Stone carvings everywhere.

Onto the Royal Centre, where the Lotus Mahal and Elephant stables reside. Next onto the 16th century Vittala temple, a World Heritage listed sight, complete with an impressive carved stone chariot.

Unforutnately on the way to the Vittala temple I got a puncture. So I had to cycle back the 10km on the rim, juddering along the long bumpy streets, being jolted every time the tyre revolved on the air jack. Oh yes, it was also 3 o'clock in the sun, the very hot sun, in fact according to the paper it was 39.5C, a new record for March!

The next day I headed up to the Hanuman temple, crossing the river in a small oracle. There is great views over the entire Hampi landscape, even from halfway up. The landscape in Hampi is very unusual not having normal hills or mountains. All the moutains are made from piles of rocks balanced up on top of each other, giving a strange look to the area.

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