Saturday, April 02, 2005


The MG Road area of Bangalore is more modern than most areas in India, this means it is now full of shopping malls, fast food, cafes and bars. Not sure everybody will agree it's progress!

Also one of the fews places where you hear snippets of Indians conversing in English.

I noticed an English cinema so I wandered in and watched Constantine. Not particularly good, but maybe not as bad as the guy behind me thought, he snored through most of the movie.

Indian seem to have the envious abilty to fall asleep anywhere. If you take a walk around cities you'll usually see people lying on bits of newpaper on the ground. Presumably to keep them clean, rather than for padding. And of course the autorickshaws drivers squeezed into the back of their machines, but I suspect that's the same for taxi drivers the world over!

I had a nosy into a pub for a drink as the outside intrigued me. It was a theme bar called NASA. Inside all the staff wear outfits like airplane pilots. A small modern bar, with booth and quotes about space exploration that I can't remember, although I do remember the sign below the DJ booth, No Dancing!

When it was time to leave, I had a few hours to wait for the train, so I jumped into the cinema to watch a film, it's hard to miss the large adverts! This time a Hinda or Kannada film, who knows? I followed the start but got lost later on too much dialogue not enough action.

It started with a boy who won some sort of prize, but maybe only second. Then he had a fight with his dad or uncle, where he flings a bowl at his head, covering him in blood and then he runaways. He is shown curled up from hunger and asks a stall owner for food who laughs at him because he had no money. Cuts to a drunken man surrounded by beer bottles, who is getting hounded by bad guys for money. The boy intervenes just before they get the drunk guy and smashes a bottle over their head. He takes the wad of money, peals off just one note and hands it back. Back to the stall, he is shown biting in to a chicken leg.
Cut to the present day and he is grown up, a moody fighting machine. Later he gets in another fight where a group of guys try and beat him up. Cue him dropping his cigarette, beating up four guys and cut back to the cigarette hitting the ground, that was quick! A few more fights, but too much talking to follow well.

Oh well, off to catch the train to Hampi.

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