Monday, November 08, 2004

Up in the hills with the monkeys!

Greetings from Dalhousie!

I'm 2000m above sea level (Ben Nevis is 1334m) admitedely I got the bus rather than clamber up here.
The bus ride was erm.. interesting. At first I though the bus was going to go up, up, up. But it was more like up, left, up, right, down, up!

I saw my first fleeting glimpse of a monkey from the bus! Later on walking down the path a one-armed monkey jumped out in front of me, stared, then continued down the mountain. Recently a monkey tried to steal my crisps! I waved my arm and it shouted a wee bit and retreated. If it really wanted them I would of given it to them they've got sharp looking teeth!

Aside from monkeys the views here are amazing stretching out over the valley with more mountains in the distance. At night time there is prayers being echoed round the valleys via speakers, with thousands of stars and the gently clink of wind chimes this should be the other side of the world from Delhi not the same country!
Balcony at hotel
View from the balcony
Balcony again!
View down in the valley
Village perched on the mountainside
Sunset in Dalhousie

As I walking through down a road a procession of people came up with flutes, trumpets and drums playing what I shall call Eastern-Jazz fusion! Followed by people in ornate costumes and they continued through the streets. There is a heavy Tibetan infulence on Dalhousie with various settlements around and also rock painting depicting Tibetian Gods.

I shall soon move on to McLeod Ganj near Dharamsala where I intend to spend a bit of time if I like it!

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