Thursday, November 04, 2004

I made it to Delhi..... and so did my luggage!

Got to the hotel without to many problems except for standing inqueues for ages for security and changing money. As your not allowedto take rupees in everybody needs to change money.

I'm knackered as I didn't sleep on the planes.
Delhi is crazy! People& cars everywhere.I'm just off a main road from the railway station.Everybody drives with their horn! There is cycle-rickshawauto-rickchaws motorbikes and cars going through the equivalent of aramshackle Barras.

I have a feeling it will take a while to get used to India.I don't think I fancy too much time in Delhi, its all a bit toofrantic for my first place in India.I'll try and head to Amritsar probably might be a bit cooler possiblyslightly quiter??

I'm gonna just try and stay up for a few more hours so as to try andget my sleep pattern normal! I'm half way through that Divinci Code already.There is a restaurant on the roof of my hotel which looks like a goodmenu so I'll eat there tonight and get an early night.

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