Monday, June 26, 2017


I was planning on going to Prague from Olomouc, but apparently leaving it to the last minute for Prague weekend accommodation is a really bad idea. So a swift change of plans saw me head to Czechia second city, Brno. I had accomodation a few tram stops outside the city centre.
I had to wait a while to get checked in, in which time it absolutely lashed it down. If I had got checked in straight away I would have been soaked, so worked out okay!
I headed back into town but the rain came down again, so I ducked into the nearest place which turned out to be a trendy cafe Skog

The next day, back in the city centre, I headed up to the viewpoint from the main Cathedral. Beat the crowds, as the narrow viewpoint really only holds one person!
Good views over the city and a decent way to try and get oriented in a new city.
Back on solid ground I visited the Capuchin Crypt. Over the door lies the latin phrase 'Tu fui ego eris'(I was you; you will be me) or more liberally translated means 'you'll end up dead as well'.
Within lies the bodies of over twenty Capuchin monks, who after death were laid in the vaults with a brick pillow. Over the years the bodies have remained there, and in the cold dry air eventually mummified.

Above ground the Cabbage Market Square has more than just cabbages, it's been a market square since the 13th century. However you can also visit the labyrinth underneath, where the traders used to store their goods. Another day and back underground! Over time these cellars became connected by tunnels. Unusually everybody else on the tour was Czech, so I had an audio guide in English.

For food I went to Lokal and had some roast beef & gravy with bread dumplings and of course beer. Straight from the beer tank!

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