Friday, April 28, 2006


And so the Songkran festival arrived, this is when Thai's celebrate the New Year by dousing each other in water. Not a bad idea in this heat. It is supposed to be a gentle pouring of water on the shoulder, but throwing a bucket of water in a motorcyclist face seemed to be more enjoyable for the Chiang Mai residents!

I had planned to pick up a waterproof disposable camera to take a few snaps, didn't seem a good idea to take out my digital camera into the street, giving that elctronics and water have never been the best of buddies. However, my plan failed just like my memory as when I went to buy one the Kodak shop was shut. At least I managed to pick one up a different branch. Walking along beside the moat, people are dredging up buckets of sludgy moat water (at least it had been cleaned in anticipation of Songkran) and chucking them in the air. Water pistols and pumps are the weapon of choice for the festival which lasts from 3-10 days depending on the keeness of the participants, out in the country they start early.

The main city area was in general chaos as revellers took to the streets fully armed with buckets & pistols. Crawling along the road were pickup trucks with an oil barrel filled with icy water to splash unsuspecting victims, brrr. I think I wasn't dry for four days. Actually it mostly eases off as night falls, and you can go out for some grub and hopefully not get soaked. All in all an interesting experience!

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