Sunday, February 20, 2005


I arrived in Coonoor in the afternoon and has a quick look around. The next day heavy rain curtailed my explorations. During my time in Coonoor it seemed to be under near perpetual atmospheric fog. In a fit of optimism I set off through the mist the next day and headed out to Dolphin's Nose a viewpoint overlooking the valley. I hoped as I walked the 12km, past a moutain, there that the fog would lift and permit me spectacular views, not so, although people gave me a wave through the mist. When I eventually arrived I was greeted by a view of dense greyness, although it did briefly lift a bit for a few minutes, this is as good as it gets. Oh well, I dug my banana out of my bag for a snack and the monkey quickly noticed. I managed to grab my bag just before it was snatched away, although I don't think the small monkey near would of been able to drag it far!

I considered getting the bus back as I had seen a busstop about a kilometre back but as I was walking I decided I would just walk the whole way back as at least the misty weather made for amiable temperatures. I approached a chai shop where I had stopped previously on the way there. I was invited to a game of Caranibs. I watched other playing a game, then had a go myself. The object is to shoot your checkers into the corner pockets a bit like table snooker. I wasn't very good at it. I then asked if I could have a photo and all hell broke loose! Guys seem to appear from nowhere at the mention of a camera. Everybody crowded round me for the group photo. Then I was dragged in front of the shop for the promotional photo.

Finally I returned to the YWCA, where I was staying despite not being a young woman!
It is one of the few budget options in upper Coonoor, set in an old colonial house. I got caught up in a game of cards after dinner, with an English couple and the excitable young girl who lived there with her parents. I think she knew at least three languages (Malayalam, Tamil and English, probably some Hindi too) and she was only seven. Also living there was a ickle kitten

The day before I left to go to Kochi via Combiatore, I went to Simms Park. This was quite similar to the Botanical Gardens at Ooty. It had been started over 120 years ago and made for a pleasant stroll, through the plants and stuff!

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